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DHW Production & Legionella Eradication System
Anti Legionella system for continuous pasteurisation and production of hot sanitary water.

  • Europak Pastormaster GUARANTEES the permanent elimination of legionella and all other bacteria within a hot water system.
  • Complete piece of mind from a design perspective.
  • Over 500 European Installations
  • Safe & Consistent: Europak Pastormaster system ensures a continuing pasteurisation and DHW production.
  • The Europak Pastormaster is a Thermal treatment process –Traditional methods of Legionella control are not required: No chemical additives that change the natural physical properties of water or routine thermal shock treatment required.
  • Cost Saving – The Europak Pastormaster offers the client substantial energy and cost savings in comparison to the frequent thermal shock treatments normally used to help prevent Legionella growth.
  • No additional energy consumption – the Europak Pastormaster does not entail any further running costs or energy consumption.
  • Can be installed on existing and new build projects.
  • All parts in contact with water are stainless steel.
  • The Europak Pastormaster should be considered for: Hospitals, Clinics, Retirement Homes, Sports Centres, Hotels


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