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We supply an exceptional aftersales support

Boilerhouse installations play a crucial role in the built environment for human comfort. A problem-free operation is therefore essential. Eurofluid Ltd Maintenance department was established to help customers in their time of need.

Paramount to every sale is Eurofluid’s exceptional Aftersales support. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled reputation for Commissioning, Service, Maintenance and various flexible preventative maintenance contracts on offer.

Spare Parts are generally available from Eurofluid stock, but if by any chance the spare part is not available from Eurofluid stock, it can be obtained and delivered to site within 24 hours.


Increasingly complex heating systems require precise set up to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum performance. Eurofluid engineers are highly trained, qualified and expert in commissioning all equipment within our product range and guarantee prolonging the life of the equipment, reducing noise from the system and ensure continued trouble free smooth, efficient operation.


Preventative Maintenance

Eurofluid Ltd offers various types of contracts for Preventive Maintenance, from annual inspection and maintenance to all-in service. But it’s also possible to have a customised contract, so you can determine for yourself what your maintenance contract includes.

Our years of experience in the development, production and maintenance of Pumps, Heat Exchangers and Boiler & Hot Water systems mean we know exactly how they operate, so we can service and repair other manufacturers’ plant and installations as well as our own.

Clients who take out Eurofluid Preventative Maintenance Contracts Systems always have priority when a fault is reported. This fast service is improved even further as our technicians have easy access to all the technical details and historical information for the installations we maintain.

Emergency Breakdown

Even the best plant in the world can fail and when it does you need a fast, reliable contact to get the problem solved. With Eurofluid Preventative Maintenance contract holders, an emergency breakdown service is also offered.

Using the in-depth spares stock that we hold we can respond quickly to get sites back up and running. Where site repair is not possible, we can offer replacement temporary alternative and off-site refurbishment of equipment.

Pump Repairs

Economic repair of equipment is essential in keeping costs down. Our engineers can strip and detail the work needed to allow clients to make an informed decision to repair or replace failed pumps. Where repair is the way forward we offer a complete service from assessment of the equipment, safe removal from the system, stripping down and replacement or refurbishment of all components. All repaired units are fully mechanically and electrically tested prior to return to the client.