Potable, Hot Water, Mains water

The basis of a low-cost solution for potable water, water heating & hydro-pneumatic well applications. Water does not flow through this vessel. The DE range is fitted with a bladder, which can be replaced from 50 liters on, and is ideal for use in water systems with higher corrosion resistance requirements, as suitable for brine circuits in heat pump systems.

  • WRAS approved bladder expansion vessel for mains water supply systems
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC replaceable bladder according to DIN EN 13831
  • all vessel parts in contact with water are coated against corrosion
  • durable external powder coating finish
  • vessels stand vertical with profile steel construction on feet
  • vessels from dia.1000 ltr with pressure gauge integrated in the gas compartment.
  • Refix DE Vessel Capacities available from 2 to 5000 Litre
  • Ex Stock Eurofluid

REFLEX Refix DD Flow Through

Anti-Legionella, Potable, Hot Water, Mains water

Refix DD is the potable water specialist for the home and is ideal for using with water heaters to save water. Water flows through the vessel, it has a stainless steel connection and thereby meets the ultra-exacting hygiene requirements of DIN 1988. The T-piece required is supplied with the unit and the Flowjet flowthrough valve is optionally available.

  • Built and tested according to DIN 4807 part 5, EN 13831 respectively
  • DIN-DVGW (reg. no. NW 9481AT2534). Approval according to EU Directive 97/23/EC for pressure equipment.
  • internal circulation by means of high-flow, star-shaped connector and incl. Rp 3/4 T piece
  • water-bearing parts corrosion resistant
  • vessel connection made of stainless steel
  • bladder acc. to KTW-C, W 270
  • outside/inside coating, inside according to KTW-A
  • can be mounted with a reflex ‘flowjet’ flow-through fitting
  • Type ‘DD 33’ with wall fixing straps WRAS approval on vessel DD8 to DD33 10 bar and DD8 25 bar


Refix DT Flow Through

Anti-Legionella, Potable, Hot Water, Mains water

Refix DT is the potable water specialist for use with large-scale systems. Water flows through the vessel, thereby meeting the ultra-exacting hygiene requirements of DIN 1988. The wide range of different connections enables the Refix DT to be adapted to any capacity.

  • Reflex DT Vessel capacities available from 60 – 3000 Litre

Reflex N

Heating & Chilled Water

Reflex N are the world’s most frequently used small vessels. The fixed diaphragm has proved itself millions of times over and has shown itself to be extremely wear-resistant, thanks to its evenly-balanced loading.

  • Reflex N diaphragm expansion vessel for closed heating and cooling systems,
  • built acc. to EN 13831.
  • Approval acc. to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.
  • foot construction from 35 ltr and above
  • durable external powder coated finish
  • non-replaceable diaphragm
  • Reflex N Vessel capacities available from 8 – 1000 Litre
  • Ex Stock Eurofluid


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