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Project Details

Eurofluid supplied various EuroCondense Condensing boiler packages to this Boilerhouse refurbishment project, with outputs from 215 to 650 kW. Each boiler package was supplied with cascade headers, BMS modules, Isolating and Non return valves in modular configuration offering maximum turn down ratio and ensuring the running cost energy savings for the client. The boilers were commissioned and operate with weather compensation.
The high hot water demand was taken care of by the ACV Heatmaster Modulating range of direct fired water heaters. The DHW storage tank is manufactured from corrugated stainless steel and forms a large heat exchange surface that can heat the domestic hot water in a very short time while also offering extremely high DHW outputs. The burner also modulates depending on the demand, ensuring the running costs are kept to a minimum.

  • Europak EuroCondense Gas Fired Condensing Boilers with complete cascade header arrangement
  • ACV Heatmaster Direct Fired Water Heaters
  • Combined Hydraulic, Air & Dirt Separator
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